Telecom Ultra Broadband

Telecom Ultra Broadband

Year released:

Michael Spiccia

Production company: 
Goodoil NZ

Props: Weapons & Armour


Working with production company Goodoil and director Michael Spiccia we designed and produced the 'Halo' styled space suits for a rotating matrix style shot.

Telecom New Zealand had brought its new high-speed Ultra Broadband range to market in full force, with the launch of its this ad campaign via Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand.

The 60″ spot, titled Waiting is Over, speaks to New Zealanders’ most loved uses for the Internet, and to our growing appetite for faster, more reliable connections. It captures a series of frozen moments, linked by their demand for unadulterated, ultra-fast broadband.

It spoke to us of fast turn-around timeframes and working with a familiar stunt team to get a great result.