The Meg

The Meg

Year released:
Warner Bros. 2018

Jon Turteltaub

Countries filmed in:
New Zealand, China

Props: Hero props and set dressing components






Jon Turteltaub's blockbuster action-horror film was filmed in China and New Zealand. A deep-sea submarine is attacked by a Megalodon: a 75-foot living fossil and the largest shark to ever exist. To rescue the crew from this unexpected prehistoric predator, a Chinese oceanographer (Winston Chao) and his daughter (Li Bingbing) enlist the help of a veteran deep-sea rescue diver (Jason Statham).

Working closely with the art deptartment, we delivered all the hero prop components for this deep sea epic.

The props included all of Jason Statham's hero spearguns and communicators, detonating devices and poisoned spearheads, background dressing and futuristic product design.